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Areas of expertise of CreaSol:

  • C1 chemistry by partial oxidation of methane.
    Pilot plant operations and process feasibility analysis
  • Vinyl monomer synthesis over copper chloride catalyst.
    Conceptual design and process feasibility
  • Waste lube-oil regeneration including PCB contamination.
    Pilot plant operation (hetero-atom elimination over Co-Mo-S catalyst).
    Conceptual design and process feasibility
  • Hydrogen production and hydrogen-based economy viability.
    Status report
  • Molten carbonate fuel cell based power generation.
    Comparison with existing gas turbine cogeneration plant.
    Basic design including pinch analysis.
    Techno-economic evaluation
  • Conversion of electrolytic zinc smelter residue (jarosite) to steel mill feedstock quality iron oxide.
    Laboratory and bench-scale operation.
    Techno-economic feasibility
  • Optimizing magnesium oxide plant operations by comprehensive process modeling studies using Aspen Plus™ software
  • Introduction of process simulation software (Aspen Plus™) in metallurgical company (Billiton International Metals)
  • Co-firing of biomass in coal-fired power plants.
    Pilot plant trial program and commercial scale operations.
    Development of an in-house and client software tool (Co-firing Control Model) to evaluate the influence of co-firing on boiler operation and overall plant performance (including feedstock preparation, combustion, slagging & fouling, corrosion, flue gas treatment and emissions)
  • Techno-economic evaluations of coal, biomass and waste conversion by combustion, gasification and pyrolysis
    including pilot plant trials,
    conceptual process design,
    project feasibility,
    due diligence assessments and
    technical assurance reviews.
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